DEVILCASE Spider Web Back & Side Cover Skin

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The material of back cover skin is PVC, it might get shrunk (around 1 mm) due to some factors.

Basically, the shrunk tolerance won't be an issue for the camera and other openings, it doesn’t affect the application as well, however, before you purchase this product, please be sure the shrunk tolerance is acceptable for you.

Please be noted the shrunk tolerance is not including in our refund, return and exchange policy.

You may have more information through below video.



How to install Spider Web back & side cover skin for iPhone 6/6+

We would recommend this kind of back cover skin that doesn’t cover sides and edges if you are going to use it with bumper case .

Back cover skin is really expendable , we suggest you order several back cover skins at once in case you install it in wrong way .

(we will add English subtitle on it later)




1. Put phone on anti-slip pad .

2. Clean the rear of phone with alcohol pad and dry all the fluid with dry cleaning pad .

3. Peel off based layer to the bottom edge of lens .

4. Use some strength , smooth the back & side cover skin from the bottom edge of lens to the end at once directly .
    Don't hesitate or bubble will remains in it .

5. Use hair dryer to heat back & side cover skin and rub it , make it sticks on phone  .

6. If there's bubble insides , heat it with hair dryer and press it from the back of phone to the edge , press with this direction is important .

7. Press the aerial part , it's edge so it has to press harder .

8. Done .




1. Back & Side Cover Skin x 1pc

2. Cleaning Kit x 1set (alcohol pad, cleaning pad, dust removal sticker, microfiber cloth, anti-slip mat, card scraper)




Blue-Black Scratches



Black Scratches


Yellow Scratches


Red-Black Scratches


Red-Blue Scratches

(the following photos are just back cover skin , we will update back & side cover skin later)





We pack item with hard paper box , you don't have to worry about item damaged during delivering .


Return & Exchange

If you need to return or exchange our product , please make sure that the item you have is unused and brand new .



Q & A


Q : Will the Customs charges me for the package?

A : The shipping fee is not includes the Customs tax, we will not ask customer before sending.

We are not familiar to how every countries rule their Customs, but we did get some complains about the Customs charged extra fee from customers from Europe and Israel.

If you would require us to declare certain value or package category (documents/gift/sample/Merchandise/others) you want, please mark on your order or mail us before sending, don't mark it on PayPal bill; but if the package missing unfortunately, EMS will only compensates the value we declared, and you have to consider about any consequence of it.

If you refuse the package because of tax, we can only refund the value of item without delivery fee after we receive the item, Taiwan EMS wouldn’t refund the delivery fee back to you or us, neither.

If you need invoice for the Customs, kindly mark on your order (not on PayPal bill), we can send with package .